1 in 22,000,000…..Those are the odds of becoming an Olympic Gold Medalist. How does that happen? What does it take? How does a 12-year-old kid with a dream turn it into reality?

G.O.L.D. is the story of the ups and downs that come with setting the highest goals possible. From injuries, difficulties, and tribulations to the elation of winning world championships and Gold Medals and everything in between. From “choking” at the 2012 Olympics to being “clutch” in 2016. What changed? How did I shift my mindset? How did I believe in myself again? How do you get the best out of yourself each and every day? Those are all questions I answer in my keynote, G.O.L.D.




Speakers need to connect.  Connor connects.  Speakers need a story of triumph.  Connor has that in wealthy proportions.  Speakers need to be someone who leads people to higher thought.  Connor is this speaker.  Want champions in your organization?  Put a champion on stage.  Connor will deliver champion results.

-Reed Cowan, NSA Speaker, Emmy winning speaker & inspiration leader


“Connor Fields is the consummate professional.  Not only is this Olympic Gold Medal athlete a rock star on the track, he was respectful, easy to work with, prompt and super professional as the Grand Marshall of Downtown Summerlin’s 2016 Holiday Parade and tree-lighting ambassador.  He comfortably spoke to a crowd of more than 20,000 onlookers and did a superb job.  I would highly recommend him for any corporate or public facing opportunity.”

-Melissa Warren, Managing Partner, Faiss Foley Warren Public Relations & Public Affairs, Las Vegas, Nevada

”Connor Fields is not only a great athlete, but also a charismatic and modest role model for young people. I invited Connor to the 6th annual Healthy Kids Festival as a guest speaker to share his experience with physical activity with young children to stir their interest in sport and living an active lifestyle. The event brings together approximately 1,000 children and family members to promote nutrition and physical activity. Connor was the perfect fit for our event! On stage, Connor led parents and children in a fun workout. Children and parents were impressed when he mentioned he was an Olympic gold medalist and strategically leveraged that to motivate children to take up sports as a way to stay physically active. We hope to have him again next year!”

-Carlos Ayala, Community Based Instructor, Healthy Kids Festival Emcee, University of Nevada Cooperative Extension


”Be That 1% represents a mindset; to be the one who goes after what you want in life and to never settle for less. We hold live events where we teach about personal development, growth mindsets, and help people identify what they want in life; so when thinking about guest speakers for our October 2017 event we knew they had to be a direct reflection of what Be That 1% stands for. Having met Connor Fields earlier that year, I knew without a doubt he’d be an amazing fit.

The greatest thing about Connor Fields is that he’s an ‘ALL IN’ sort of guy. When you’re getting coffee together he’s truly present there with you, when you’re having a conversation he’s looking right at you, and when he’s speaking on stage he’s 100% committed to your audience.

Connor’s ability to tell his olympic story, be vulnerable, and make things he went through relatable to the audience was truly captivating. He has such great energy when he’s on stage and is able to transition from a touching story to a light-hearted laugh without skipping a beat.

Not only did Connor agree to speak at our event but he went way above and beyond for us. He filmed videos, went on tv interviews, posted on social media, participated like he was an attendee at the event, stayed after to meet people and take photos, and on top of all of that he donated TEAM USA memorabilia items and a signed jersey for the event raffle to help us raise money for a great cause. So when I say he’s an ‘ALL IN’ sort of guy, I really mean it.

Connor’s such a great example of what it looks like to go after what you want in life and what it looks like to pay it forward at the same time. He’s genuine, authentic and giving, and that’s why I think our audience had such great things to say about him.”

-James Silvas,  Founder of Be That 1% Peak Performance Coach



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