1 in 22,000,000…..Those are the odds of becoming an Olympic Gold Medalist. How does that happen? What does it take? How does a 12-year-old kid with a dream turn it into reality?


Presentations by Connor Fields

If you’re planning a keynote presentation to motivate and inspire, an event to promote personal growth, or a corporate event where you want to improve results – I am ready to help. Throughout a 20 year racing career I have traveled and competed in over 25 countries, 2 Olympic Games, and represented the United States over 50 times. I have been involved with branding strategy, marketing campaigns, product development, high pressure team environments, and so much more throughout my professional career. I enjoy sharing my experiences with others, motivating others, and helping people get the most out of themselves.

Signature Keynote: G.O.L.D.


G.O.L.D. is the story of the ups and downs that come along with setting the highest goals possible. From injuries, difficulties, failures, setbacks, and depression to the elation of winning National championships, World Cups, and an Olympic Gold Medal. From “choking” at the 2012 Olympics to being “clutch” in 2016. What changed? How did I shift my mindset? How did I believe in myself again? How do you get the best out of yourself each and every day? Those are all questions I answer in my signature keynote, G.O.L.D. Opening the curtains to a rarely seen experience of what it takes to win sports greatest prize, you will see behind the usually closed doors and enjoy a roller coaster of emotions while learning skills to improve performance in business, relationships, and life.

Key Takeaways:

- You have to clearly identify what you want: Your Gold

- Every single decision you make matters

- Focus on getting the best out of yourself, not on the end result

- Managing high pressure situations

- Learning from your failures is important

- Trusting the process

- The path to success is never a straight line

“Want champions in your organization?  Put a champion on stage.  Connor will deliver champion results.

Imagine G.O.L.D. Video:

Imagine G.O.L.D. Short Reel

Imagine G.O.L.D. Long Reel


Other Keynotes & Topics

Writing down goals, focus points, and areas I want to concentrate on before a training session

Writing down goals, focus points, and areas I want to concentrate on before a training session


When you have been doing the same sport for 20 years, practicing the same techniques for 20 years, and trying to win the next race for 20 years straight things can become a bit repetitive. How do you keep things interesting, fresh, and give yourself opportunity for breakthroughs? Creativity

When you think of sport, creativity may not be the first word that comes to mind, but when you break it down, sport is a medium in which to express yourself creatively. In addition to that, the modern landscape of social media has made creative branding and marketing strategy even more important than ever for athletes, brands, and individuals.

Key Takeaways:

- Creative problem solving strategies

- Incorporating more creativity on a daily basis can lead to breakthroughs

- Creative Social Media strategies

- How to creatively capitalize on opportunities and mistakes

- Strategies for including more creativity in the daily routine

- Be a creative leader - not a follower


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